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Great Safety Tools to Have Onboard Your RV!

It's important to be prepared for any RV trip. Whether you are traveling in the winter or summer, for one day or one month, proper preparation is key. When many of us think of being prepared for a motor home trip, having enough food, drinks, and clothes are often the first things that come to mind. Yes, all of these supplies are important, but there are a number of safety tools that you can benefit from bringing with you on your next RV trip. A few of these items are highlighted below for your convenience.

cell phone is a must-have for any RV trip. A cell phone should be a must-have anytime that you leave your home, whether you do so by foot, bike, car, or motor home. With the use of a motor home, you should always be able to keep your cell phone charged. Just make sure that you pack your cell phone charger or keep one in your motor home at all times.  

GPS is also a wise investment for RV trips, especially long-distance trips. GPS units can assist you in finding your way, should you ever get lost. GPS systems, especially those in cell phones, can also be used to track your location, such as if you do not return home as originally anticipated. RV owners can find standalone GPS units for their motor homes at most media and home entertainment stores. As for RV renters, many modern and luxury motor homes come equipped with GPS units.

As nice and as helping as GPS units can be to travelers, it is also important to have a good ole map on hand. GPS units can get you to where you are going and possibly even help you in a time of need, but many beginners find them frustrating to use and read. That is why a road map should always be stored somewhere in your motor home. A map book or an atlas book is also ideal, as many have detailed maps of each state.

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weather radio or a traditional AM/FM radio is another safety tool that can prove useful on a motor home trip. Most RVs will come equipped with a radio or a CD player, but a battery-operated radio that can be moved to higher ground for a better signal is advised. Weather radios are ideal, as they provide much-needed information for those on the road. Also, you can find and buy weather radios that double as other helpful tools, such as an alarm clock, compass, and flashlight.

Speaking of tools, it is a good idea to always keep a toolbox on your RV. If your motor home is small in size, a simple toolbox will do. With that being said, the more tools that you can have onboard your motor home the better, especially in the event of an emergency. A toolbox should at least contain a collection of screwdrivers, a hammer, a wrench, a box cutter, or a pocket nice.

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First aid kits are also important for safety. First aid kits are readily available in most retail stores, including department stores and dollar stores. With that being said, be careful with what first aid kits you do purchase. Be sure that your kit is large. You may want to purchase two. It is always a good idea to make sure that there are enough first aid supplies to go around for all travelers.

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Finally, be sure to have an emergency plan in place. This is the best tool that you can use to keep yourself happy, healthy, and safe when traveling by RV. You and your family or others that you are traveling with should all know what to do if the motor home is involved in an accident breaks down, or runs out of gas.

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